March Workshops

Core Integrated Yoga

With Denise

In this two hour workshop you will learn how to access your core and connect with your bhandas.   In this core based yoga intensive, Denise will guide you through a  practice utilizing pilates based breathing techniques , as well as OTHER  TECHNIQUES such as PNF stretching , resistance and combination of                                                                         isotonic and isometric strengthening.                                                                    

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When: Sunday, March 17th, 2:30-4:30PM

Cost: $40, $45 day of.

Quin – The Mayan Yoga

With Jacques Burgering

This workshop is about the physical practice to help create the life you are looking for. This practice enhances our awareness about and in our dreams. And since we dream everything first before manifesting it, it will subconsciously help us create the kind of life we are looking for in our awake state. We will work with the 9 simple poses that are connected to Quetzalcoatl, the flying serpent, representing the essence of the dream world. After a brief introduction about the dream and awake state, dreaming, and animal symbolism in dreams, we will learn the ceremonial practice that includes the 9 simple poses and the accompanying breathing techniques. This workshop is for all levels, and no prior experience with yoga is necessary.

Toltec Quin (Yoga of the Ancient Mexicans)
In this workshop we will learn about & practice the 9 Quin, similar postures to yoga practiced in Ancient Mexico–also known as Toltec Quin. A student of Sergio Mangana, the Toltec ‘Quin’ Meaning Protectors, that induce different aspect of lucid dreaming & How to use the Quin, Toltec yoga to heal your ‘awake’ and ‘sleeping’ aspects of yourself , Dream activation will be explored during this guided practice with Gretchen Retka 

Learn the postures & Nahualism scope of practice
Introduction to Nahuatl language used by the Mexica culture of Mexico (area surrounding Mexico City)for the 9 Quin.

A brief background of the origins of this practice (history)
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When: Sunday, March 31st, 2:30-4:30PM

Cost: $60, $65 day of.