December Workshop

New Year’s Eve Sound Immersion

With Catherine

Step into the New Year Focused and with Purpose

          An alternative way to bring in the New Year consciously setting the stage for your purpose.

Join us on a inward journey using movement, sound, and breath as a guide.

In addition we will be holding a potluck. Bring a vegetarian or vegan dish for all to share. No alcohol.

You can purchase tickets via our Facebook page.

Just click on tickets under the event:

When: Monday December 31st, 10PM-1AM

Cost: $40 (plus processing fees)
           Tickets must be purchased prior to the event.


Holiday Schedule, Sales and Teaser

Holiday Schedule

Christmas Eve: Monday, December 24th

10:00am -11:15am Vinyasa

12:00om -1:15pm Hot Yoga

Christmas Day: Tuesday, December 25th

10:00am -11:15am Vinyasa

12:00om -1:15pm Hot Yoga

New Year’s Eve: Monday, December 31st

10:00am -11:15am Vinyasa

12:00om -1:15pm Hot Yoga

New Year’s Day: Tuesday, January 1st

10:00am -11:15am Vinyasa

12:00om -1:15pm Hot Yoga


And to make your shopping for a loved one or dare we say, even yourself, easier-we are offering special pricing until December 31st!   And don’t worry, even if you already have a membership with us, you can buy these special promotions now and use them later!

One Month Unlimited- ALL Classes for $135 (regularly $160)

One Month- 60 Minute Classes ONLY  for $100 (regularly $125)

10 Class Card for $139  (regularly $170)

5 Class Card for $80 (regularly $100)

You can purchase any of these specials in person or online beginning December 1, 2017.

We Also Offer Manuka Mats in assorted styles and colors!

But wait… there’s more… Living Yoga Stainless Steel water bottles, Tanks, Tees , Totes.

Come & check them out then!


February 30-Day Yoga Challenge

Take 30 classes in one month get one month unlimited!


December Newsletter

Yoga found this basic thing, that breathing is deeper than thinking. If you can change your breathing, you can change your thinking. And once you know the key- that breathing has the key – you can create any climate you want, it is up to you. It depends on the way you breathe.”

      Breathing is to the mind what the asana (physical postures) is to the body and  Osho beautifully captures the idea of pranayama. Pranayama, the fourth of the eight limbs of our yoga practice, stands on it’s own because of it’s power.

       Prana, translates as “life force,” it is the sum total of all the manifest energy of the universe, all the forces and energy within us and around us, including electricity, light, magnetism and heat. Whatever has life is a manifestation of prana.

       When prana is controlled or regulated by our external breath it becomes pranayama. Breath is gross prana, when we become aware and control our breathing we can begin to control the subtle life force within us. This life force produces thoughts, moves the mind and sets the mind in motion. Prana helps to operate the mind, so once we begin to control prana we can begin to control our mind. As Osho tells us- “once we change our way of breathing, we change our way of thinking.’

      Breathing is so simple that we take it for granted, ignoring it’s power over the mind, body and spirit. The more awareness we bring to the breath, the more we begin to recognize the turbulence of our minds. From there we can begin to unravel our inner knots and recognize the ever-present eternal stillness that lies within. Once we begin to break-down old, unhelpful patterns and become aware of that stillness then our state-of-mind transforms, our perceptions clear, our relationships change and we are able to accomplish, communicate and love!

     With your next breathe, don’t take it for granted, you are breathing in prana, you are breathing in life force! We invite you to take your inhales slowly and steadily and release your exhales slowly as we draw the beginning of the holiday season in.

We wish you and your family health and peace.

We hope to see you soon on your mat!
Om shanti,
Living Yoga Staff