Teachers and Students:

Unlimited classes for July and August for $200 .

It cannot be moved or used for any other months.

Student and Teacher ID’s for school must be presented at the desk. 

Can only be purchased in studio.


June Workshops


With Rei Farid

Rei is Living Yoga’s founder and the heart and soul of the studio. Experience her practice and ability to rock your body and open your heart in ways you never knew possible.

Date: Saturday, June 2nd


Cost: $25


With Jacques Burgering

A 3-hour Toltec workshop taught by Jacques Burgering

Take a moment to go back to your dreams, and join us for this life-changing workshop, and learn how to create and maintain the power over the life that you are looking for. One dream at a time!

A workshop to help create and maintain power over your life!

Do you dream about what your life ideally would look like? Imagine you could plant that dream in your subconscious and actually manifest that dream in our life? Wouldn’t that be amazing and magical at the same time?

The Ancient Toltec and Mayans believed that everything we create in our lives we dreamed first, be it something we like or don’t like, something that works for us or not really. These dreams are present in our subconscious, and run our daily lives.

How To Manifest Your Dreams… is about working with your dreams in your awake and sleeping state. You learn how to access your subconscious through breathing patterns and eye techniques, and how to destroy old dreams and plant new dreams in your subconscious. These methods were successfully used by members of the ruling class (priests, warriors etc) of these Ancient Toltec and Mayans to help create and maintain power over their life.   Jacques Burgering, a native from the Netherlands, has been living in New York City since 1993. His professional modern dance career and yoga teacher trainings created a first level of physical and spiritual healing. It was through a Vedic astrological reading that directed him towards the shamanic healing path. After working several years with shamans from of the Andes (Kichwa/Qu’ero), Amazon and Central America (Toltec/Maya) he started a shamanic healing practice in New York City. He is very grateful to the healers and shamans of these traditions who generously shared their millennia old spiritual wisdom, most notably Sergio Magana, Irma Caceres, Itzhak Beery, Susana Tapia Leon, Ray Christ, Jamee Curtice and the many dedicated healers in Peru and Ecuador that also facilitated his personal healing and spiritual growth. He is a certified Reiki master, and works as a volunteer with war veterans in the USA. As a gardener in his Brooklyn community garden he produces organic  vegetables for a local market in a neighborhood, where organic food is still a rarity.         

Ticket link: How to Manifest Your Dreams

Date: Sunday, June 17th


Cost: $60

The Pelvic Floor And Its Use In Yoga

With Jacques Burgering

Date: Sunday, July 15th


June Newsletter

“When grounded in non-stealing, all kinds of jewels appear for him.”


Dear Yogis,  

Do you remember when summers were endless? It seemed like an eternity before school started up again. It is because we were present. We lived in the here and now. Not a single moment was stolen away from us.

Those summers and everything in life has a value. Asteya, the third yama, invites us to recognize the value in every moment, in every being, every object and even our planet. Asteya means “non-stealing.” 

At this point in our lives, most of us don’t consciously steal (you know, outside of the pen from the office…). Asteya invites us not only to not take what has not been freely given on a physical level, but also on an intangible one. 

Many of us don’t realize that when we run late, we are stealing time from the person waiting for us; when we are jealous we are stealing energy from ourselves.  When we overconsume, we are stealing from the earth and others who are less fortunate than us. 

Lets be honest, most of us  have so much that we have forgotten what we have collected (who can resist Marshall’s and a good sale- what is really at the back of your closet and cupboard? Did it expire? When was the last time you saw or wore it?). What about your job/career? When we have a job that we don’t give fully to, not only are we stealing from our boss and co-workers but we are stealing from all of those who would truly benefit if we followed our true calling. 

During this month we invite you to walk down this road with us. Through the examination of Asteya in your daily life, we invite you to let go of the fear that you do not have enough, to let go of wanting more, to let go of looking outside yourselves for answers and begin to see the abundance in your life and that most of what you truly need is within you.

We wish you and your family an endless summer! 

We hope to see you soon on your mat!

Om Shanti,

Living Yoga Staff