Price Changes for 2018

This month of December will be the last month to enjoy our current rates.
Starting in January, the following rate changes will take effect:
Drop-in 90 minute class: $22
Drop-in 60 minute class: $17
New Student One Month Unlimited Special: $59
5 Class Card (90 minute classes): $100
10 Class Card (60 minute classes only): $130
One month unlimited (all classes): $160
One Year Unlimited Memberships:
$1,440 or $120/month with auto-debit contract
Six Month Unlimited Memberships:
$720 or $120/month with auto-debit contract


Artisan Fair, Gift Guide & Specials

Buy a unique handmade gift for your favorite yogi or loved one… or maybe a little something for you…

Join us for the ARTISAN FAIR on Saturday December 16th 2:00-5:00pm

Looking for a present for your favorite yogi , loved one, or perhaps yourself ?

An artisan: a craftsperson that makes high quality,distinctive products in small quantities usually by hand or using traditional methods

We will have various artisans offering hand made soap, baked goods, meditation jewelry,henna,artwork,yoga mats, shirts and MORE!

The perfect time of year to pick a unique hand crafted gift.


Need that new yoga mat for the start of the new year. Get it here.
(Bring cash- not all vendors accept CC)
Did you also know that Living Yoga has beautiful gift cards…
And to make your shopping for a loved one or dare we say, even yourself, easier- we are offering special pricing until December 31st!
And don’t worry, even if you already have a membership with us, you can buy these special promotions now and use them later!
One Month Unlimited- ALL Classes for $125
(regularly $150)
One Month- 60 Minute Classes ONLY for $100
(regularly $125)
10 Class Card for $139
 (regularly $170)
5 Class Card for $75
(regularly $90)
You can purchase any of these specials in person or online beginning December 1, 2017


We Also Offer Manuka Mats in assorted styles and colors!
But wait… there’s more…
Living Yoga Stainless Steel water bottles, Tanks, Tees , Totes & Sweats
Come & check them out then
We are grateful for your continued support. We would not be here without you.

Holiday Schedule

Our Holiday schedule is as follows:
(Christmas Eve)
Regular Class Schedule
Monday 12/25/17:
(Christmas Day)
Hot Yoga
Open-level Vinyasa
Sunday 12/31/17
(New Year’s Eve)
Regular Class Schedule
Monday 1/1/17:
(New Year’s Day)
Hot Yoga

Open-level Vinyasa


December Newsletter

“When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.”



As we meander into the holiday season, culminating in the celebration of a new year to come, we should be filled with gratitude over all that we have been given. Yet as the moments and days go by we get caught up in our everyday ups and downs, and find ourselves less and less aware of the abundance in our lives. This month, we invite you to continue the momentum of gratitude and giving thanks by focusing on the practice of santosha. Santosha, one of the niyamas (daily observances) of the eight limbed yoga path, means contentment.
    The yoga sutras tell us that “as a result of contentment, one gains supreme happiness.” Awesome, sign me up! who doesn’t want supreme happiness!!!  Actually, we don’t… or maybe we do, but  we spend so many of our moments wanting things that we don’t have, regretting the past, living in the illusion of what the future may hold, believing we are not enough, looking outside of ourselves for answers and living in fear of our responsibilities. And even when we are in the midst of the perfect moment, our minds wonder whether this moment will last, if it is real, if we deserve it… Living in a world where we are constantly told that we need more, especially that if we buy more we will be happy, the concept of santosha is a challenge.

    Just as we can look around ourselves and find gratitude and grace on Thanksgiving day, we can rise to the challenge of santosha and begin to find contentment through all the moments of our lives. Santosha invites us into the understanding that we are all born divine and have everything that we need. The shiny new car, shoes, house, partner will only bring a drop of contentment if we continue to seek happiness from the outside in.
    We all have our ups and downs, some of us have experienced situations that can be defined as a crisis, some of us have lost jobs, homes, partners, the list is endless… Contentment does not mean to not mourn a loss in one way or another, but rather it is the acceptance of our mixed lot as human beings. Santosha is contentment with what we are, our actions (past and present) and what we have in life, but it is not complacency or the feeling that we are “stuck.” It does not mean that we allow our growth to remain dormant nor to accept an unhealthy situation, rather it is making the most of our hardships, striving to better our situations and looking at every experience as an opportunity to grow.
     As we move through our moments with awareness, finding truth, moderation, compassion, non-attachment and gratitude in all things,  we learn to accept and love ourselves and all living beings. From there the supreme happiness of santosha naturally follows.

We are grateful for all of your open hearts and minds. We wish you and your’s health, peace and santosha throughout the holiday season.

We hope to see you soon on the mat.

Om shanti,

Living Yoga Staff