August Workshops


With Catherine

The new moon is a powerful time to set new intentions and seeds.

Join us on a inward journey using sound as a guide. Tea will be served

We ask that you come with an open heart and mind.

Prepare your body and mind for a 75 minute session of restorative sound energy and sharing circle with

sound practitioners Catherine De La Isla (

“Sound healing is a powerful healing method that uses vibration to re-tune the body/mind/spirit by balancing the flow of energy through the chakras and meridians, bringing about deep relaxation, energizing the physical body and clearing the emotional body so that a renewed sense of one’s vitality, clarity, grace and joy can be accessed.”

This session will use a variety of tools including:

gong, singing bowls, tuning forks, energy chimes, bells, shruti box and

vocal toning.

Where comfortable clothing if you prefer you can bring a yoga mat though mats will be available.

Date: Sunday, August 12th

Time: 3:00 – 4:15PM

Cost: $25 (plus processing fees)   -  $35 at the door




With Rei

Rei Farid is the owner and heart and soul of Living Yoga. 

We’ll start off slow and sweet- taking time to reconnect to body and breath- feeling where we happen to be at the moment. Our asana practice will build from there, gradually adding and letting go of those things we no longer need. We will work, we will sweat, we will laugh, we will open our hearts and minds.

Date: Saturday, August 18th

Time: 2:00 – 4:00PM




September Teasers


Date: Sep. 8th



Date: Sep. 16th



August Newsletter

“When I let go of what I am,

                                    I become what I might be”

                                           -Lao Tzu

       The fifth yama, or ethical observance included in the eight limb yoga path is Aparighara. Aparighara is the concept of non-attachment, non-possessiveness, non-greed.

      In our day and age we are attached to so much, from other people to food to physical objects and even ideas. We might even be attached to seasons (goodbye warm summer nights). We have all become collectors!  We fill our homes, storage containers, minds- and the more we buy the more we seem to need.


      We have become so lost in our possessions that we begin to be defined by them and loose touch with our true selves.This does not just apply to a sweater we have held onto but not worn but also to our view of a world that is ever changing. Aparighara also applies to our anger over perceived wrongs carried over from many years and the fears that we have brought along since childhood.


      Aparighara advises us to travel light. We are welcomed to let go of our pre-conceived notions so we can become open to learning more about our true nature.  To forgive others so that we can let go of anger. To let go of objects so we can let go of our fear of being without things. To let go of our attachment to others so we can learn that we already have everything that we need within ourselves!


      Aparighara is the opportunity to learn to say good-bye, it is the opportunity to clear your space for better things to come. This month, we invite you to take another small step towards your true nature- become aware of  your attachments, in their many forms, and let them go! What a perfect way to enter into this new season of autumn.


      Each time we return to our mat we return to our true nature… We hope to see you there!


Om Shanti,
Living Yoga Staff