Our fellow Americans citizens are in a dire situation. The island of Puerto Rico has been devastated. People have lost their homes and are currently without electricity, food and water.
My uncle lost his entire home. Two of my cousins roofs were ripped off. It took 8 days before we received direct contact that my family was okay.
There are many people who still have heard nothing of their families as cell towers were wiped out. Imagine not being able to communicate that you need help.  People are drinking from creeks. Children are going hungry.
People are resilient but they need help. Living Yoga will be collecting supplies  and gathering people for a fundraising event.
We will continue having days where we gather supplies while people are still in need.
Fund Relief Supplies collection:
October 7 -October 8
Items Needed:
Baby food
First Aid Supplies
Feminine Hygiene Products
The supplies will be dropped off at one of the following locations in Queens:
  • Engine 316: 27-12 Kearney Street, Queens, NY 11369 (East Elmhurst)]
  • Engine 289/ Ladder 138: 97-28 43rd Avenue, Queens, NY 11368 (Corona)
  • Engine 307/ Ladder 154: 81-17 Northern Boulevard, Queens, NY 11372 (Jackson Heights)
If for some reason you cannot make the drive you can drop off the supplies to one of the locations yourself
All donated items must be non-perishable, not second-hand, and not contain liquids of any kind. Open or unsealed donations of food or hygiene supplies won’t be accepted.
Donations will be accepted daily 7 am through 9 pm, but FDNY staff at the sites might not be present if responding to an emergency.
Join us on Sunday, October 8th
Yoga and Sound Healing Fundraiser Class with Catherine
All proceeds will go to UNIDOSPORPUERTORICO.COM
Join us for a day of yoga and sound healing. Healing yourself while helping to heal others.


October Newsletter

“When I let go of what I am,

   I become what I might be”

               -Lao Tzu

      The fifth yama, or ethical observance included in the eight limb yoga path is Aparighara. Aparighara is the concept of non-attachment, non-possessiveness, non-greed.

      In our day and age we are attached to so much, from other people to food to physical objects and even ideas. We might even be attached to seasons (goodbye warm summer nights). We have all become collectors!  We fill our homes, storage containers, minds- and the more we buy the more we seem to need.


      We have become so lost in our possessions that we begin to be defined by them and loose touch with our true selves.This does not just apply to a sweater we have held onto but not worn but also to our view of a world that is ever changing. Aparighara also applies to our anger over perceived wrongs carried over from many years and the fears that we have brought along since childhood.


      Aparighara advises us to travel light. We are welcomed to let go of our pre-conceived notions so we can become open to learning more about our true nature.  To forgive others so that we can let go of anger. To let go of objects so we can let go of our fear of being without things. To let go of our attachment to others so we can learn that we already have everything that we need within ourselves!


      Aparighara is the opportunity to learn to say good-bye, it is the opportunity to clear your space for better things to come. This month, we invite you to take another small step towards your true nature- become aware of  your attachments, in their many forms, and let them go! What a perfect way to enter into this new season of autumn.


      Each time we return to our mat we return to our true nature… We hope to see you there!


Om Shanti,
Living Yoga Staff