The Concept

On a Personal Level
One of the greatest lessons of the yoga eight limbed path is the practice of truth or satya. Once you glimpse the truth there is no return. My truth was that I could no longer continue to do what I did during the week and claim to be content. That’s another thing this path has revealed to me. The strength to take leaps of faith. So I leapt. Was I scared? For certain. But more frightening was a life that did not fulfill me. Its rare in one’s short lifetime that you are presented with the gift of realizing what you really want to do. Maybe even what you are meant to do. If it is given to you would you throw it away?
A few years later with the support of loved ones the idea of Living Yoga emerged. I longed to create a sanctuary in Queens because I had never found one here. My desire was to create a space that really taught yoga. Not just the physical asana practice but the stuff that really moves and shakes you. The spiritual aspect of this practice that alters lives and moves mountains. With this in mind and heart Living Yoga was created. On a physical level we are a vinyasa based studio both hot and not to get you strong, keep you guessing and challenged physically. On a spiritual level we have a monthly yogic focus so we can all spend time delving deep and applying these teachings in our lives. We offer workshops that also support and deepen your practice. We Om, we chant, we meditate, we breathe, we make offerings and take leaps of faith. We live this practice, from the first tenant of the practice of compassion (ahimsa) to the last tenant of surrender to glimpse samadhi (bliss). We humbly attempt to walk the talk. We humbly attempt living yoga.


On a Technical Level

Living Yoga began with the idea of creating a multi-room yoga center in the heart of Queens inspired by some great studios from NYC and around the world. In our search we found a century old space on 78th avenue and Queens Boulevard surrounded by brick, plaster and old timber.


Living Yoga was personally funded by our family. My partner, Helmut Zoegall, lovingly designed and built this sanctuary. Wall by wall he designed and carefully retained the elements of brick and old timbers while adding bamboo floors, non-volatile paints, energy efficient water heating systems and energy efficient UV heating panels that heat the objects in the space not just the air.
The result is a boutique studio which provides flexibility to new and experienced practitioners. One of our rooms is heated for Hot Yoga while our other room is dedicated to Vinyasa Yoga. You are certain to find a warm, supportive, non-competitive environment in which to connect to yourself and your community. A haven to discover and continue to further your practice. As a dear friend phrases it: this is our gym, our therapist, our temple. We like to simply call it our sanctuary.
We invite you to step off of Queens Boulevard and step into peace.


Reshift your breath…
So you think you know how to breathe. . .before embarking upon a yoga practice, we all do. . .but stop to observe your breath, do you tend to hold it for no reason. . . Step inside and learn to breathe with us. At Living Yoga, the asanas (postures) are never the destination or the goal. Don’t get us wrong,  we will challenge you and deepen your asana practice but our focus is on the breath. By placing awareness on the breath and beginning to link the breath with the movement of the body, you will deepen you practice, thereby making every moment a meditation.


Reshape your body…
Always hunched over things. . .keyboards, steering wheels, plates. . . From your very first practice session, whether it is Hot Yoga or Vinyasa, you will notice a difference! Both practices are focused on alignment, building strength and deepening flexibility . . .especially that of your spine. And just in case you were looking to drop a couple of pounds, tone your legs and arms, achieve long lean lines. . .this is the place for you!


Renew your spirit…
We are constantly reliving the past and projecting our past experiences onto our future, begin to let go of your fears and embrace each moment. Living in each breath, will allow you to experience each moment anew, with a new perspective and optimism. Learning to breathe will allow you develop a healthy mind; the asana practice will help you develop a healthy body providing you with transformed energy and vitality, the combination will allow you to renew your spirit!

Check out the many benefits a yoga practice can bring to your life:

Yogi Etiquette

Please be considerate and observe the following:

A Sanskrit word meaning non-violence. Do no harm in thought, word, or deed. Treat everyone including managers, teachers, and other students with kindness, compassion, and respect. Practice yoga without harming your body, don’t force any movements, and be gentle with yourself.

A Sanskrit word meaning truthfulness. Be honest in all of you communications.

Please remove shoes at the top of the stairs before entering the studio.

Cell phones/valuables
Please do not use cell phones in the yoga studio. We ask that you leave your cell phone in the car or in your bag and make sure that it is turned off. We suggest that you do not bring any valuables into the yoga studio as we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Please sign in before each class.

To make proper use of the space, please leave belongings in the dressing room or the closet at the top of the stairs

Make the practice easier on yourself, please practice on an empty stomach, but drink plenty of water through your day.

Honor silence in the yoga studio before each class, we recommend that you use the time to breath, mediate and stretch.

Be considerate with your space, please readjust you mat to accommodate other students in search for a space.

If you need to leave class early, please advise your teacher before the class begins.

Please do not leave class during Savasana (corpse pose), until the teacher says “Namaste.”

If you sweat…and we all do, please clean up any puddles around your mat with a towel.

Refund & Exchange Policy
Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates may ONLY be used towards yoga packages, memberships or workshops – they have no cash value.

Membership & Class Packages
o All memberships and class packages have an expiration date and are non-refundable, or extendable or transferable from one student to another. Unlimited Class Packages may not be shared. Numbered Class Packages may be shared by Immediate Family Living in same household only.
o Memberships and class packages can only be used for regular scheduled yoga classes excluding special workshops and series.

Workshop & Series Policy
o Pre-payment is required in full at the time of registration in order to reserve your space
o Registration can be completed over the phone or on-line, only if payment is made with a credit card
o Cancellations
o 7 or more days prior to workshop or 1st day of series = Full Refund (minus $5 fee if paid with credit card)
o 3 to 6 days prior to workshop or 1st day of series = Studio Credit
o Within 2 days (48 hours) prior to workshop or 1st day of series = No refunds or Studio credit
o If Living Yoga cancels a workshop or series, a full refund will be issued.

Drop-In Classes
o Pre-payment is required at the time of booking a session(s), if made over the phone or online payment must be made with a credit card Cancellations prior to a scheduled session will receive full credit towards another yoga classes or workshops. Our system will not process refunds and ALL PURCHASES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.
o Class or Event Cancellation/Date Change Policy/ Studio Closure Living Yoga reserves the right to cancel or change the date of any class, workshop, or retreat. We will do our best to notify participants in a timely manner if this occurs. Only on very rare occasions do we have to close the studio due to inclement weather or a national holiday. In the event of inclement/ dangerous commuting conditions, please visit our website as we promptly update the online class schedule when there are class changes or class cancellations.