Photo by Irina Peschan

Denise LaPointe

Denise began her yoga practice in 2004 with Ashtanga, after walking into her first Hot Yoga class in 2005, she became obsessed, with all yoga, vinyasa, hot yoga and Pilates. After dancing for 30 years she found that yoga was a perfect transition from dance, as well as a perfect accompaniment to dance. Denise is certified in Hot Yoga Fusion, a combination of the hot yoga series and vinyasa. As a yoga instructor Denise brings a fluidity and mindfulness to her class with special attention to alignment, combining her knowledge of dance and philosophy of yoga bringing these two elements together provides a deeper understanding of a pose, breaking down the mechanics as it were, while nurturing and encouraging students to go deeper into their practice. Thereby challenging students to move beyond their preconceived ideas of themselves within their practice. When not practicing yoga, Denise can be found teaching, choreographing and performing with her own dance company.

My goal is to help students, especially new students, find their foundation through alignment and breath giving them the tools they need to define each asana through stabilization using props (ie) blocks, straps etc, and for more advanced students to find a fluidity within their practice through breath, alignment and drishti (focus) in order to go deeper into each asana. I feel that it’s my privilege to take students with them a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction yet challenged while feeling lengthened and strengthened.