Living Yoga
Living Yoga

Yoga is both a science for living, and a living science. Living Yoga has been sharing the wisdom and benefits of yoga to our diverse community for a decade.

We have 2 practice rooms. One is heated for hot yoga, the other is dedicated to unheated classes.

Whether they're new to the practice or have been practicing for many years, all students and seekers are welcome in our classes. We foster a warm, supportive, non-competitive environment where people can further their practice, and connect with themselves and their community.


The main colors of the Living Yoga logo are blue, green and white — colors that are associated with vibrancy and growth. They are the colors of the water we drink, the sky and the air we breathe, the vegetables that nourish us. These are the colors of life itself.

The tree in the middle of the logo harkens to the Tree of Life, the diagram scientists use to try to trace the evolution of life on Earth. On a fundamental level, the Tree of Life shows how all organisms, living and dead, are connected.

A series of blue arches radiate out from the central tree. These have 2 meanings. First, they symbolize the oxygen produced by plants — the vital life force we take in with every inhalation.

Second, they form the petals of a lotus flower, which holds a special place in the beliefs of many cultures around the world. The blue lotus, in particular, was considered a symbol of rebirth by the Ancient Egyptians. In Buddhism, the blue lotus represents wisdom and intelligence.

Yoga helps us see the oneness in everything, understand the cyclical nature of life, and find lasting happiness and peace through powerful techniques handed down through the ages. Our logo reflects the enduring potency and relevance of these ancient teachings today.