David Ryan

David Ryan

David Ryan never thought that he would ever try yoga until he hurt his leg. His sister said that it might help his injury so he decided to give it a try. That was back in 1995. If he didn’t practice yoga, David is pretty sure that he would be in a wheel chair today. He feels like he's worked his body, mind and spirit after taking a yoga class. He enjoys the challenge.

As a teacher David gets hope and inspiration from all students, especially those who are older and dealing with more injuries than him. After his last car accident, David says when he felt really depressed because it seemed like he couldn’t get better, he thought about the many other students who had it worse than him, but who still worked hard and had a positive attitude. He thought that if they could do that, then he could do it too.

Today he is still working through his injuries doing yoga. He does it because he feels better, and he is happier when he invests in himself. David believes by helping others, he is also helping himself. He feels truly grateful for his life because it didn’t have to turn out as good as it has.


  • Hatha Yoga Certification / Bikram College of India - Acapulco, Mexico (2008)
  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training / Corina Benner (2018)