Jeana Barenboim

Jeana Barenboim

Jeana’s outward venture into yoga started after taking up a suggestion from a friend, but really began as a small child when she would observe bodies in motion and be fascinated by the language they speak. When her own body began to change, she became excited. When her life started to change, she became devoted.

Her personal practice led to a profound shift in her understanding of both herself and the world; through self study one could come to a state of health and clarity, and that this experience could be had by anyone. Her desire to heal others led her to complete her teacher certification, and continues to keep her seeking. She is a Queens native and has a growing tower of books in her living room related to yoga, body work, kinesiology, spirituality and wellness. Her studies include putting those things into practice with the intelligence of the body through yoga asana.

She is a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher, completing her last 300 hours through the Science of Self training led by Rose Erin Vaughn and Yoshio Hama. She has explored and studied various methods of Yoga including lineages from Iyengar and Dharma Mittra, and has studied Tibetan practices, Yin yoga, Qi Gong, kickboxing, and the self cultivation practices of various martial arts. She compliments her understanding of the body through other modalities such as weightlifting and conditioning. She conducts group classes and private sessions that incorporate yoga with body work techniques catered to individual needs. f how yoga can help alleviate some of the intense pressures of the corporate world.


  • 300 Hours Advanced Training / Science of Self (2018)
  • 200 Hours Teacher Training / Bamboomoves (2016)
  • Biology/Kinesiology (personal training) / Queens College (2017)
  • Karmamudra Intensive / Tibetan Lineage Holder Dr. Nida (2019)
  • Yin Yoga Workshop / TJ Miller
  • Yin Yoga studios / Hot Yoga 4 You (in progress)
  • Meridian Yoga Therapy Level 2 / Science of Self (in progress)