For Students


  • - Avoid eating anything at least 2 hours before yoga. Try to practice on an empty stomach.
  • - Drink plenty of water before, during, and after class — especially for Hot Yoga.
  • - Wear clean, stretchy clothes that move with you. Loose clothing tends to bunch and get in the way.
  • - Arrive a few minutes early so you can sign in, set up your mat, do some light stretching, and meditate.
  • - If you arrive late, please wait until after the Om to enter the class.
  • - Speak softly, even in the changing and reception areas.
  • - Leave your shoes and jackets in the coat closet, but take everything else — especially valuables — into the practice room with you.
  • - Place all cell phones in silent mode before putting them away.
  • - Share the space. Move your mat and belongings to make room for others.
  • - Tell your teacher if you have any injuries or physical limitations, or don’t want to be touched during adjustments.
  • - With time and patience, your flexibility and strength will increase. Just use your best effort in every pose.
  • - Don’t worry if you can’t do a particular pose. Instead, be inspired!
  • - Long, deep inhalations and exhalations will help you stay longer in each asana.
  • - Learn the difference between discomfort and pain. If something doesn’t feel right in the pose, it probably isn’t.
  • - Use blocks, straps and blankets to safely help you go deeper into a pose.
  • - If you feel exhausted or light headed, take a child’s pose for a few breaths, then rejoin the class when you’re ready.
  • - Don’t skip out on savasana (corpse pose). It’s the best part of the practice — when we recharge our inner batteries.
  • - Please clean any rental mats, put away all props, and wipe up any moisture on the floor around you at the end of class.


The following classes are specifically geared for those who are new to the practice:

  • - Back to Basics
  • - Back to Basics - Warm Vinyasa

The rest of our classes are open to all levels, but some are especially accessible to beginners:

  • - Lunch Vinyasa
  • - Yin & Flow
  • - Yin & Restorative + Yoga Nidra
  • - Flow & Restore
  • - Community Warm Vinyasa

Regardless of the class you are in, teachers will be happy to show you modifications or variations of any pose.